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Born and raised in Toronto, Killaaaa is a 1st generation Canadian of Jamaican descent.

Always immersed in the arts, she has a passion for cooking, dancing, singing, and photo editing. With a focus on colourgrading and accurate representation of rich and deep skin tones.


I am a woman of the global majority, (or woman of colour) of Jamaican heritage. I grew up in a strict household based on discipline, and outdated beliefs and traditions rooted in ideas left behind by my ancestors. 

I was taught being a nurse or a doctor was respectable, and artists don't make money unless they die. 

My gravitation to anything creatively inclined was innate, and I thrived when I participated in anything artful or expressive. I started painting at a young age, and I was always part of a choir. I almost went to culinary arts school, but fell in love with the creative thinking of marketing. A short modeling career got me familiar with aesthetics and the various processes of photography and image-making.

Fast forward a few years, when I decided to learn photo retouching as a hobby. I started shooting family members to get editing content and putting in my 10,000 hours. The creative process became an outlet that catered to my mental health, and kept me balanced.

Essentially, it became my happy place.

As I continue with this passion, I get to constantly improve and grow. As time goes by I'm learning how to express myself more deeply through colour, light, and feeling. 

I only do it for the love of art and arting. 


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