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Jennifer Patricia

I’m a 35 year old visual artist, and dancer living in Ontario, Canada, alongside my partner of 15 years, and our little fur family, Kara, Winifred, Lucy, (Cool Cats) and Mac (Doggo). I have a background in professional makeup artistry, sales, management, dance instruction, and as a professional model. In my fun times, I love to pretend I’m in the theatre, and dance around in my apartment, lip-syncing for my life. (Hey we probably all do this, by the by ;)) Also love film/television, art galleries, burlesque shows. I just live for art. 


I’ve led quite an experienced life, upon further reflection.


From getting diagnosed with manic depression (bipolar disorder) in my twenties, (which wasn’t clarified until recently), to stumbling through life, because in every career I held, I was never truly happy in any job I carried. I was becoming completely unhappy with who I was evolving to; just another body living out their predestined life just like everyone else.


But deep down, I’ve always known I don’t quite fit in with how the world operates, currently. After several years of just doing what was expected of me, and lots of help from doctors, and therapists, I’ve finally broken that part of me that required acceptance and praise. It was no longer an option, if I wasn’t accepting of myself.


And I wasn’t.


So I left. 

I threw away everything I had in order to find acceptance of myself, and because of that I was able to heal that part of me that couldn’t accept herself as she was.


And who I am is an artist. 


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