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Mishkah is a Sudanese-Canadian creative, Social Media/Digital Marketing specialist and small business owner.


Mishkah started her small handmade jewelry business during quarantine. 


In March of 2020, I lost my dream job as a flight attendant with one week left of training due to Covid lockdown. I was lonely and depressed, and I would shop online to make myself happy.  


One day I chose to purchase jewelry from another small business and never received the items. That made me very furious, and I decided to start my brand to help me stay busy and keep creativity alive. I had almost no knowledge about creating jewelry pieces and so I researched and studied other successful brands to learn the different materials used. I would stay up till 5 am some days working on 1 piece because I wanted to perfect it.


I had a fallout by the end of the year due to my mental health, In 2021 I choose to rebrand from “Kwnmish” and launched “KWNZ” in a different country and include my cousin “Aamina Yasser” in the brand as a partner.


This is what Aamina said about her experience:

“Kwnz is an outlet for my creative self. Being a part of Kwnz has encouraged my artistic abilities to flourish in many ways I never thought possible. It forces me to think outside the box and to always be on my feet. Such as this piece.”


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