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Kimberly "Sunshine" Parry

The Butterfly Whisperer

A "butterfly-blessed" Canadian, spiritually pollinating the planet... and beyond!

As The Butterfly Whisperer®, and Spirit Piper™, my life is dedicated to: “Bridging Worlds, Connection Souls and Healing Hearts…


I didn’t choose my path in life. It chose me.


Being five years old at the time, I didn’t have the vocabulary to explain it. But I can vividly recall the exact moment it happened… when I was blessed to watch, for the first time, a monarch butterfly emerge from its chrysalis – a word I couldn’t yet pronounce. Even at such a young age, I knew with every fibre of my being, that I had just witnessed a miracle. In that moment, my destiny was sealed. In that moment I became forevermore, The Butterfly Whisperer®.


As my name suggests, I do indeed whisper to butterflies. Client submitted heart-messages, such as wishes, prayers, blessings, affirmations and the like, all get sent soaring with a designated Monarch Messenger™. My greatest joy, however, is facilitating direct messages to loved ones, and pets, that have transitioned to the spirit world.


Adding Custom Spirit Songs™ to my offerings, recorded on my butterfly Native American Flute, is a direct result of my second “divine connection” experience… A moment in 2010 when I literally fluted my soulmate to Heaven. It was another pivotal moment on my transformational journey – one I chose to evolve through like a butterfly. It was then that I became The Spirit Piper™, destined to create high-vibration music to support life’s transitions.


It's an honour to be able to bless, inspire, uplift, connect and serve others around the world in unique and impactful ways. To be a spiritual pollinator for our planet. You can too!


I truly believe that we’ve all been gifted with the human equivalent of wings. I also believe that together we soar higher. So my invitation to you is to: “Go out and share your wings with the world.”


Butterfly Blessings one and all!


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